Learn & Earn

From March through May, join us for some quick 20-minute webinars about new and exciting products from our featured lighting manufactures. Each webinar is offered multiple times to fit your schedule.

Attend 3 = $25 Gift Card or Wine
Attend 5+ = $25 Gift Card and Wine
Attend 8+ = $75 Gift Card
ALW Logo

Please join us to learn about ALW's new Hylytr Recessed Wall Grazer & Perimeter Collection of luminaires – also encompassing the flagship SuperPlane and popular LightPlane product families. Leverage ALW's diverse product portfolio to gain an edge on your next project!

Available Sessions

  • March 29 @ 11 AM
  • May 3 @ 11 AM
Barbican Logo

Barbican is a Canadian manufacturer of high performance architectural and decorative lighting products and lighting systems, as well as architectural wall products adaptable to enhance today’s corporate, healthcare and hospitality environments.

Webinar will review:

  • Barbican’s High Performance Architectural line of fixtures
  • HPC, HPC3, HPC Lite, FOM & JUT family
  • Introducing HPC Solo and Solo Freeform

  • Available Sessions

    • April 4 @ 11 AM
    • May 9 @ 11 AM
    Bega Logo

    For more than 75 years BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for virtually all areas of architecture. Their dedication to creating only the very highest quality luminaires has made the BEGA name synonymous with the best of the best. Sustainability has become a very popular term in recent years, but it is nothing new at BEGA. Please join Spencer Strom, Regional Sales Manager, for a focused look at BEGA’s extensive bollard offerings.

    Available Sessions

    • April 6 @ 11 AM
    • May 11 @ 11 AM
    Dals Logo

    DALS Lighting is a Canadian manufacturer of designer lighting products focusing on smart, innovative and emerging technologies. Their products are stocked and readily available, including all new CCT selectable luminaires.

    Their offerings include:

  • Complete under cabinet lighting solutions
  • Modern decorative suspension lamps
  • Sleek indoor/outdoor wall mounted fixtures
  • U-Modern exterior lighting solutions
  • Award ceiling mounted luminaires

  • Join us and Martin Leguerrier to discover how DALS strives for excellent service and offer superior to market lead times, environmental innovation and product quality.

    Available Sessions

    • April 8 @ 11 AM
    • May 13 @ 11 AM
    Diffusion Logo

    Join us for an informative presentation on Diffusion Lighting by RJCross, a Canadian LED lighting manufacturer that is dedicated to providing the best products in the industry. RJCross was founded on bringing the highest quality lighting products to the architectural and electrical specification market. They are committed to providing phenomenal quality products and outstanding service at a price point that is affordable.

    The Webinar will cover the following:

  • Multiple LED Ribbon and Channel options
  • New DLMULTI Drivers
  • Custom Perch Fixtures and more

  • Available Sessions

    • April 11 @ 11 AM
    • May 16 @ 11 AM
    H.E. Williams Logo

    The Williams family is in its third generation of company leadership. After 100 years, and as an independently owned manufacturer, they continue to build and ship products with your schedule in mind and their long-standing promise to produce quality fixtures helps mitigate field service issues.

    Join us and Eric Westphal to learn about H.E. Williams’ expanded product offering including new curved architectural flat panels, more extruded aluminum linear in 3”, 4” & 5” widths with up to 2000 lumens per linear foot, shallow plenum lighting, 2” downlight expanded offering with up to 2500 lumens and a complete cylinder revamp, as well as introducing a super low-cost High Bay, that offers multiple shielding and up to 70,000 lumens.

    Available Sessions

    • April 21 @ 11 AM
    • May 26 @ 11 AM
    Insight Logo

    Insight Lighting is a leading manufacturer of high-performance architectural lighting for the energy conscious design market. Join us and Trevor Semerdjian to discover how they offer the industry’s greatest variety of white and color changing LED platforms with custom optic designs to illuminate coves, ceilings, walls, facades and many other architectural details. Webinar will review:

    Façade Lighting

  • Linear, projector and scone Façade options
  • Color Changing technology overview
  • Medley
  • ProSpot
  • Scope Scone

  • Cove Lighting

  • Cove applications and options
  • Color Changing technology overview
  • Pilot Family

  • Available Sessions

    • April 12 @ 11 AM
    • May 5 @ 11 AM
    Ledalite Logo

    Ledalite by Signify embodies the principals of innovation, sustainability, and ergonomics to make rich architectural lighting statements in commercial spaces. Join technical sales rep, Andrew Prevost, for a glimpse into some bold solutions that allow for the ultimate in flexibility to create one-of-a-kind designs with unique shapes and precision angles. Andrew will also provide a sneak peek of their latest launch, which brings unparalleled health & well being benefits, particularly relevant in today’s post-COVID return to shared workspaces environment.

    Available Sessions

    • April 13 @ 11 AM
    • May 18 @ 11 AM
    Nulite Logo

    Founded in 1953, Nulite Lighting is locally owned with operations and manufacturing located in Denver, Colorado, providing high quality lighting products to customers across North America. Nulite offers a wide range of luminaires for commercial, healthcare, industrial, retail, and residential use. Custom capabilities coupled with short lead times make Nulite a favorite among specifiers, distributors and contractors.

    New Products covered featuring a family of offerings with innovative design will include:

  • LA Series
  • Bounce
  • RXT

  • Available Sessions

    • April 26 @ 11 AM
    • May 13 @ 11 AM
    Tegan Logo

    Tegan’s dedication to design and innovation, combined with their 30+ years of lighting experience, allows them to deliver categorical improvements on conventional lighting and set new standards for modularity, style and application. Tegan’s wide variety of product lines include Interior, Exterior, Pendant and Wall luminaires. They offer unlimited standard combinations – use Tegan’s building blocks to create your own aesthetic.

    Please join Tegan Sales Manager, Kyle W. Turner, for a focused presentation on the variety of Acoustic pendants Tegan offers while highlighting the unique features that set them offering apart from BuzziSpace and other acoustic manufacturers in a live showroom tour from their factory in California.

    Available Sessions

    • April 19 @ 11 AM
    • May 24 @ 11 AM