Located in the heart of Mt Pleasant is Countercount Projects’ new office. Utilizing modern lighting solutions, we’ve helped them create a sleek and inviting space for open collaboration.

Inspired by their company logo, Counterpoint wanted to highlight the geometric angles within the space. Thus, the coves at the reception and in the boardroom are illuminated using DALS PowerLED Linears. A stunning 65-foot run of Beulux’s RGBW recessed luminaire is used from the corridor into the open office area, providing a dynamic guidance towards the beautiful lounge and kitchen. The colour-changing effect creates a fun visual interest.

Lightheaded Lighting’s Aurora BRO downlights provide general illumination throughout the office space. In the open office area, StarkTek TallBeams and Lightolier CorePro Track Heads are used to provide direct lighting for individual workspaces and library. Tegan’s BuzziShade hangs above the sample counter and helps to absorb sound as discussions arise.

Counterpoint can now entertain guests in their cozy lounge area illuminated with LEDPipe cylinders and modern kitchen where Diffusion LED strips evenly illuminate the counter and bar.