The Ministry of Citizens' Services' office in Richmond is a functional, modern workers paradise that boosts productivity and supports a healthy office atmosphere. "Inspired by the fluctuating and dynamic needs of the modern workforce, for the Province of British Columbia’s Leading Workplace Strategies Initiative evokes a feeling of contemporary fluidity." - MGBA

Lighting fixtures helped to create movement and fluidity through gentle waves and folds. The common area features a large island with wood slat ceilings above. ALW's LightPlane 2 fit perfectly in the wood slat ceilings while Beta-Calco's Cherchio with modified acoustic panel hangs above the island. In the boardroom and kitchen, Ledalite's Jump luminaires are suspended in various angles for a dynamic element and to encourage conversations. Nulite's Regolo beautifully illuminate the back wall of the kitchen, highlighting the wavey texture. H.E. Williams downlights are used throughout the office for general illumination. The organic design of Bruck's Camila WEP Pendant gives it a warm and inviting look, and its acoustic properties make it perfect for meeting rooms.