Located in the heart of Chinatown, the design concept behind Vancity Yoga was based off the Ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, opposite forces which are interconnected. “By incorporating these philosophies into the design layout, we were also able to represent these ideas through the selection of contrasting lighting fixtures, and finishes, and colour palette throughout the studio.” – Polvorosa Design Studio

Soft and light finishes are used in the first half of the space whereas bold and dark finishes are used in the back of the space. Intense 3.5” MX G2 LED downlight pendants are used in the reception area and Astro Ginestra 400 pendants are used in the regular yoga room to provide general illumination. Both types of pendants have a simple form factor and are in white finishes to match the white walls and ceiling, giving the space a clean, calm, and open feel.

Insight Scope Mini Suspension pendants are used in the men’s washroom, giving it an elegant look while matching the dark theme. Bruck Eclipse wall sconces and Diffusion strip lights are used in the hot yoga room to provide visual interest to the dark walls. Diffusion strip lights are also used in the staircase, alternating to convey a sense of harmony and balance between light and dark.